Posted by: sewsirius | October 14, 2013

October’s Sew a Garment Challenge

Was a little late in getting started with my first garment…work unfortunately got in the way! How I long to have a job that fitted in around my sewing and not the other way around I’d be ecstatic!

My garment for October will be a pair of trousers that have been cut out for weeks (maybe even months if I’m honest!). I’ve lost quite a bit of weight recently, my new healthy eating plan is really proving an effective way to loose excess pounds! So my cut out, unmade trousers have been left lying there…nearly forgotten! Now that I’m well into my eating plan I think I need to have some trousers that actually fit! My other two pairs have had their front buttons moved too many times now and the front looks very strange!

In many respects I’m pleased I waited before assembling these trousers, I can now baste them together and make them fit me snugly now and then they’ll fit me even better as my weight reduces even more!

I had a flash of organisation when I put everything together into a bag along with the pattern and other bits I need like thread and a zip (at least I hope the flash of organisation got that far!). As you can see this is a princess seamed pant with either a side or back zip option. As I’ve never owned or made pants with a back zip I’m playing it safe with the familiar side zip. I’m keeping the optional front pockets, I think they’ll be useful for small change or tissues. They’re not that big to be more useful than that. However, as all my trousers so far don’t usually have pockets it’ll be nice to have them for a change!

I’ve just realised that although the main fabric is cut out the lining isn’t…it’ll mean clearing the cutting table again and attempting to control the lining. I don’t usually line trousers, but this fabric is a cool wool mix and so itchy directly on the skin lining is essential!

I like the dark chocolate brown colour, it blends well with the other earthy natural tones that I’m basing my new handmade wardrobe of clothes on. I’m adding colour with my tops. I’ve found that if I have a neutral trouser I can use them for so many things simply by changing the top. My other favourite trousers are a dark green linen blend that has a lighter golden green thread occasionally flashing through the weave and looks great for any casual event as well as being dressed up with a golden coloured top for something a bit more formal. I’ve got the whole day off so let’s see how far I can get. I think the lining can wait for another, I’ll baste the main trouser today and see if my daughter would be kind enough to help me fit the back with me…I promise to post pictures!




  1. Congrats on your recent healthy eating program – now a nice reward with a new pair of pants. These will look lovely – and it’s exactly the right idea to make your basics in neutral colours as they will go with so much. I hope you had a good sewing day, and good luck with the lining 🙂

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