Posted by: sewsirius | October 26, 2013

A Productive Weekend of Sewing

This weekend I was determined to complete the trousers I’d cut out months ago. I am getting desperate for some trousers to wear. I’ve dropped over a dress size now and my usual trousers I love wearing are way too big! These trousers are from Vogue 2948. It’s a pattern I received from enrolling on Sandra Betzina’s Pant Construction Class on Craftsy. It’s unusual in that it’s got princess seams front and back, but this is great for getting the perfect fit. I made my usual crotch alteration along with making it shorter before cutting out the fabric. This is something I learnt on Sandra Betzina’s Pant Fitting Class, also on Craftsy, that it’s not a good idea to simply turn up extra at the hem to shorten the length. Hemming has been much easier since learning that lesson!

I used a Wool & Cashmere blend that has been woven to form a lightweight “Cool Wool” fabric with a pale yellow (following Sandra’s idea of different coloured linings) crepe lining. I was a little daunted because although I’d cut out the main fabric pieces months ago but I hadn’t cut out the lining or the waistband. After machine basting the main pieces together taking a 2cm seam instead of 1.5cm I was happy to find the pants fitted pretty well! Now I was also really happy I hadn’t cut out the waistband because the front waistband piece could now be adjusted for that 0.5 cm!

I decided that I would make up the lining first. I’m glad I did. By the time the extra bits on the main fabric trousers such as the invisible zipper, pockets was completed I was getting ready to leave it for a bit, but I wanted these trousers completing by the end of October for the Garment a Month Challenge and because the lining was ready to be inserted I got a second wind of energy to keep going!

I also decided to change my plan of having a side zipper and put in my first back zipper in a pair of trousers! Since there was another dress size to loose I figured these would be easier to adjust on the side seams, which would in turn be easier without a zip. I’m all for keeping things easy wherever possible! It’s actually quite comfortable! I think I could get used to it.


I was also inspired by NikkiM at about eating her frogs (aka PhD’s or Projects Half Done!). I have had two T-shirts shouting at me for weeks to get finished…all they needed was their hems turned up with the Coverstitch machine. Even though I love my Brother machines the Coverstich is the most awkward to use. The results are great, sewing with it is great, it’s just getting the fabric off the machine isn’t that great! The difficulty is that I’ve got small hands and to try to pull back on each tension release while the other hand is pulling the fabric ends up with a fight! Anyway I decided to get on with it and managed to cope with the fights with the fabric.

The hem and two sleeve edges from one project is now complete and it’s now in the wash…it needs to have all the embroidery stabiliser washing out from the embroidery added to the front, back and one sleeve. This pattern is from Meg McElwee’s Craftsy class, Sewing With Knits. I can heartily recommend this class not only do you get great tips about sewing knits on a sewing machine, but you also get several patterns to download from Meg. I’ve made over 6 T-shirts and the yoga pants (I use them as PJ bottoms) and a hoodie top, which was a gift for my daughter last Christmas. It’s so much easier to embroider onto a T-shirt before it is sewn up, and this is how I completed this one.


The second top that needed the Coverstitcher was a top that had already been completed and even worn, but when I pressed it after washing, the iron melted the fabric! Luckily it was just a small amount at the end of a sleeve. All what was needed was to cut off the burnt bit, cut off the same amount from the other side, hem and voila! A T-shirt back in circulation! And it looks great with my new trousers!!



  1. Hi, I haven’t tried a back zip yet, but as you say, easier to alter than a side zip. And certainly better than the bulk of a front zip – I can’t understand why people want to put full fly zips completed with shield on their tums! The false fly is enough bulk. The colour of your pants is stunning – and so good with those tops

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