Posted by: sewsirius | November 5, 2013

Oh No!

I love my new trousers, they fit me perfectly, I enjoyed the process of making them, I loved wearing them. Imagine my horror when they came out of the washing machine to find a hole in the back crotch seam. I don’t think it was made while wearing them, but hoped it was because of the spin cycle of my washing machine. However, you can guess I was mentally thinking back to what I was wearing with these trousers, if there was anything to show, would it have shown…I was in the clear!


The hole was made as a direct result of trimming too close to the crotch seam and even with two lines of stitching the weave of the fabric was too loose for this narrow a finish, I had thought I was being super clever trimming a seam so neatly and small…I’ve learnt an important lesson…leave more fabric than you think you need in a seam until you’re sure it’s secure, and even then use clipping to allow a curved seam to move instead of a tiny seam allowance!

How to repair the damage? I want to wear these again, quickly!

There’s some light interfacing in my stash that was initially used to support the contoured waistband, but it wasn’t strong enough so another heavier weight interfacing was added to give the stability needed. So using strips of this light interfacing the first strip is lined up over the seam line, clipping the curve of the outer edge to allow it to fit around the curve. By ironing on a Teflon pressing cloth the frayed edge of the seam could be fully stabilised without glueing my trousers to the ironing board!


The seam was then sewn on the side not interfaced. My intention was to have two strips of interfacing on each side of the seam to give full support, by sewing one seam before adding the strip to the other side I had a guide for sewing the second side!

The interfacing was applied to the other side the same way and the seam sewn again.

The right side of the trousers were checked for neatness and then the seam given a final pressing before the rest of the trousers were pressed ready for wearing again. Yippee! Fixed and so easy too!




  1. Good save, very very good save.

    • Thanks Gaye, wore them this afternoon with no problems…unfortunately got onion on them while eating a beef-burger with my kids this evening so they’re in the wash again! I’m hoping the repair holds…if it does then I’m confident it’ll hold for some time

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