Posted by: sewsirius | November 11, 2013

November’s Sew a Garment a Month Challenge!

I had planned to either make a fabric blocked dress or to start my Christmas present to myself early with some nightwear, but after wearing the trousers I made last month I’ve decided I really need another pair of trousers that fit more than the other two choices.

This month I want to make them from my linen look cotton mix fabric that doesn’t need ironing or lining. I also want to try out a closed slot seam finish I loved from Craftsy’s Decorative Seams class with Katrina Walker. I’m using the lighter green fabric for the trouser and the darker green fabric for the under seam on the princess seams. I’ll be trying this seam finish on the front pieces first and then decide if this would look OK on the back too. I haven’t got an invisible zipper in exactly the right shade of green, but this fabric is a mixture of pale green and linen colours, I’m hoping that this cream zipper will be a good match for the linen colour and blend easily if the zipper should accidentally get seen!


These trousers will have the same back zipper and should be very quick to make up once the princess seams are done, this time there’s no lining!

As I was writing this entry in my sewing room, Baby heard some birds squabbling outside. I put her on top of my smaller wardrobe (aka baby fabric storage cupboard!) and she loved watching them from her high vantage point…she really loves being with me while I sew! I apologise for the “organised mess” on my table, but that’s what happens when two quilts, and a pair of trousers (and other projects) are on the go at the same time!




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