Posted by: sewsirius | November 16, 2013

New Site for Sewsirius!

I’m moving to my new site very shortly. I would like to keep all my followers in my move over, so please come over and see the site. It’s very similar to this one, but there I’m Sewsirius instead of Sewsirius1!

This free site was a test in the Blogging World and I found I really enjoy putting my blogs together. Now I’m sure I want to commit to Blogging regularly, I felt it was time to set up a site with the first name of my choice. Because I own this domain I can do much more with it and give my readers and followers more interesting articles, challenges, and prizes!!

I will continue to blog on both sites for a month or two and then will just focus on my main site…please follow me on my new site to keep up with my news?



  1. I checked the link to the new site but do not see any way to follow via email subscription, as with WP.

    • Hi, I’ve just checked the new site and the follow the blog can be found under the comments box. If it’s not there when you first go to the comments box just click on the comments box and the two options for email if there’s new comments is there with the email if there’s new posts to this blog option. I agree it not as clear as with the WP original, even though this site is also using WP for it’s layout.

      I will find a way to make it easier to follow, but in the meantime if you tick the small (they’re really small!) boxes under the comments and become a follower until I find a way to change it I would be very grateful.

      Thank you for taking a look and your interest xx

      • I took another look at the site and found I had omitted to putting a subscription/follower option on the right menu. I’ve set it up now so it’s easy to find…much better than searching for little boxes…thank you for bringing this issue to my attention xx

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