Hi, I’m Karen the author of Sewsirius.

Here’s a little info about me and my journey in the land of all things fabric, sewing and crafts! I started sewing when I was 7 years old. My Mum had just finished a sewing toys night school class and when I saw an exhibition of all their work. I asked my Mum if she could make me a lion another class member had made. I think she had had enough of toys by then so she said that if I wanted that lion I had to make it myself! So I did! I was very fortunate that the night class teacher also happened to be a teacher at my school so my earliest memories of sewing are sitting in the school steps near the teacher! My lion got made and my love for sewing was born!

I progressed onto my Mum’s sewing machine which was very old, very heavy and had this wonderful scent of fabric, machine oil and something else that triggered something in my brain that just made me want to sew! The machine could only do straight and zig-zag stitch. I think there was one buttonhole it could manage, but this is where I learned how to manage a machine. I started by making small dolls, doll clothes, doll beds and bedding progressing up to making my own basic clothes. Several sewing machines and years later I fell in love and made my own wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses and a small bunny toy for the little flower girl that matched her dress which I also made. This was my first big project and took 18 months to complete as well as working as a nurse full time! The dresses fitted perfectly, something that wouldn’t be as easy to achieve with a RTW dress.

Life continued and I had two adorable kids, but my hopes of making cute baby clothes were dashed in the haze of being a new Mum along with being a childminder too…sewing took a break. Then I saw one of the first embroidery sewing machines and fell in love with machine embroidery. Now I have progressed further and got my dream machine, the Brother Innovis I along with a serger and cover stitch machine…now my passion for sewing is unleashed!

My big project I’m currently working on is replacing all my shop bought clothes with clothing I’ve made myself. Now I’ve learnt how to make bras and knickers I can actually achieve that goal!

This blog is a diary of this project, along with helpful information I discovered along the way. There’s not a lot of information about how to put together a wardrobe of clothes you make yourself, and to be honest the choices this gives you can blow your mind! If anyone find my posts useful or interesting (hopefully both!) then I feel that this work has been worthwhile!

I’m mostly self-taught in my sewing skills. I learnt, often the hard way, methods of sewing that give me the results I want. There’s no “that’ll do” in my sewing room. That said, sewing is something I enjoy and I want it to be fun…it’s easier to learn new skills if it’s fun ask any child!



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